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August 16, 2016


Leslie Baker

Ha! Never thought of comparing the CIB to Lina Lamont, but now that you mention it, there's certainly a similarity in how they regard themselves.

Jim Fuquay

As a consumer of information, we are always scrambling to get the "big picture" from many of the Star articles. This Star story is another example of where we only get a sliver of the overall picture. I have written to the Star's editors and a few reporters suggesting that the paper be more systematic in how they cover stories and also provide more context for the reader. But....like Indy politics and priorities, nothing seems to change.

Vox Populi

More of the same, in today's paper we see a front page story about a study to examine the need for expansion of the convention center. May I suggest that in lieu of spending 75k on a study from a hotel consulting firm that the city just send me a check. Anyone who has lived in this town longer than 30 days can tell with absolute certainity what the results will be; we need 200-300+ million to expand the convention center, we need to gift some developer with 40-50 million to build another hotel, we need to increase the hotel taxes, we need to create another TIF to support the new facilities etc. If we do all of these things billions of new tourists we journey to Indy, the new facilities will create 75,000 new jobs and the estimated gain of new monies will exceed a trillion dollars. Or at least that's what the new study will say...

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