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August 14, 2016


Leslie Baker

I think one of the local television stations that prides itself on "investigative journalism" ought to take on the CIB and its funding and expenditures.

Naming no names, one entity prides itself on taking on the IRS for not only allowing fraudulent tax returns but for telling employees to keep quiet about the use of identity theft to file these same returns. Surely the IRS is a more fearsome target than the CIB.

Morton Marcus

Keep it going. Few nails are set with one swing of the hammer.

Vox Populi

Because the ethics laws in Indiana are basically worthless our appointed leaders and elected leaders are allowed untold thousands of dollars in tickets, food, travel etc. The taxpayers build the mega sport complexes with luxury suites and our local 'officials' are gifted with suite passes and tickets to venues most of us can't afford to attend.
Of course none of this largesse affects how our 'officials' vote on the building or maintenance of these megaplexs, it's mere coincidence that the billionaire owners always get what they want.
We need to know who gets what benefits and we don't need the CIB.

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