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August 05, 2016


Vox Populi

First of all a little fact checkimg, the Pacers couldn't have left Indy without paying a financial penalty per the original contract. To suggest that the issue was keeping the Pacers in the fieldhouse is at best being disingenuous. Seconldy what other private enterprise that recieves hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds can get away with not disclosing their fiances to the people who provide their largess?

The CIB exists for one reason and one reason only, to provide the facade that taxpayers have some say in how their tax dollars are spent for pro sports.

The CIB doesn't care about taxpayers or taxpayers money but they will protect and support billionaire team owners and those owner's never ending quest to get the last dollar from us.

We don't need the CIB, ablolish it before we all go broke.

Jim Fuquay

I agree with everything Vox said above. I just wonder how long this charade will go on!

Leslie Baker

Forever, Jim. Forever. :-(

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