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May 16, 2016


Gene Poole

Corruption is as corruption does ?!?

Joseph H. Born

My response at http://www.indystar.com/story/opinion/readers/2016/05/16/encourage-transit-alternatives-indygo/84453278/
to yesterday's article tried to put the subject in a wider context, but the Star edited out the portion that raised the following possibility.

If a more-extensive, non-subsidized alternative to IndyGo were recognized as innovative, perhaps that would both attract the (apparently sought-after) millennials initially and permit the lower tax rates we need to help retain them when they start families.

I'm afraid I don't see the fairness in so taxing Indianapolis residents as to impair a Franklin Township landscaper's ability to pay for his kids' braces in order to reduce what law-firm associates and wealthy retirees pay to get around downtown.


Red Line was changed from Keystone, the original choice, and only logical north-south route, to College because federal law gives "transit oriented development" grants to pay for constructing dense apartments where there is a bus rapid transit line.

A member of the City County Council asked a representative of the MPO why narrow College Avenue will be torn up and lose an entire lane of traffic to construct bus stations in the middle of the street, instead of curbside bus shelters. His frank answer puts it all into perspective: to protect the investments of future developers who want to quality for federal "transit oriented development" handouts.

If there were curbside shelters along College, and if IndyGo fails to increase ridership by 50% (which it won't), then the City would have the flexibility to divert buses to routes with greater need. If the BRT goes away, so do the TOD grants, so College Avenue will be torn up, a median that buses will need to straddle will be constructed and College will lose one entire lane of traffic, all to protect "future investors"

Compare College to Keystone, which has multiple big-box stores, like Wal-Mart, Target and Meijer, it has 2 CVS stores, 2 Walgreens stores, 2 Marsh stores, a Kroger store, Glendale Town Mall, Keystone at the Crossing and Woodfield at the Crossing, just to name a few of the multiple employment and shopping destinations riders could access, along with I.U. and Eskenazi Health outpatient clinics. College has a Fresh Market and a few small restaurants and bars. However, College does have vacant lots at Kessler, 49-50th and 46th Street, which developers can make more money on. Now you know the truth.

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