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August 09, 2014


Pam Hickman

The King does not care. He is building his legacy. Do not be supprised if he puts his name on the building. He will run around the council if no one comes out and stops him.

Gene Poole

A legitimate legacy is one of ideologic, Constitutionally reconciled, representative succession; reflexively avoiding contact with the petri dish of viral statism- like it's a hot stove.

Legacy rustling finds lifeless form in the static inanimate; monument making confused with "development," which is better defined through animation of principle & the energized DNA of a leader, not as a competitor but a guardian of the field of play, and passing that baton to a trusted next generation.

Vox Populi

Considering how inept previous transasctions with private developers have been, e.g. parking meter contract, I have zero faith in the taxpayers getting anything other than another bogus privatization deal. And since the Mayor's minions won't reveal any details we can be sure that the terms of this agreement will be severly slanted toward the private firm.

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