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July 27, 2014


Vox Populi

In the past few days two opinion reporters from the local media have touted a commuter tax. One has to wonder if the local media will ever oppose any tax increase(s). It seems that every whim from the 25th floor is immediately viewed as the answer to all of Indianapolis wo
Indianapolis has an addiction to taxes and like any addict given them more drugs won't cure their addiction.

Gene Poole

Contempt for competence & truth, is contempt for others; not journalism but misanthropic, narrative fraud.

While seeking elected post, candidates fan resume's with such vigor, they create whether systems ("answers" to problems being whether or not we elect them), which become topical depressions; post election. The elected routinely lose track of their own campaign "solutions." Journalists would be those few, capable of reconciling resume claims with performance results; the only measure of that which matters.

Truth is, journalism is found here; and not there, where people calling themselves "professionals," only claim to do it.

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