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April 29, 2014


Pam Hickman

Mayor Ballard is to blanme. He wrestled imps from the Sheriff and it all has gone down hill since then. No new taxes and lower crime is what he ran on and what do we have. For the two years I have been on the Council the Mayor has tried to raise taxes while the Democratic majority has fought it while he gave away money to his friends and 8 million to a cricket field. WOW!!! I am not impressed with how this Mayor has placed blame for all his failures onto someone else each time.

Gene Poole

Some would ask Mr. Barth about his lack of public safety concern, in appointments made to the Police Merit Board (i.e. Stephen Clay).

Leslie B.

I was shocked yet thrilled that the Star printed the opinion piece from the man who used to live in Indy and is now appalled that the Pacers are at the trough again, while the murder rate continues to rise and no one can figure out a way to fund a larger and more effective police force. I wouldn't say it's the Pacers per se who should be the target of this well-deserved ire, rather the greedy Mr. Simon and the fools and liars who continue to hand over tax dollars and pretend that there is no alternative way to use the money.

The aforementioned writer was correct in saying that there are so many better ways to have used $160,000,000. SO many. Who decided the money should be used this way, and since when is a funding decision for *anything* infallible and permanent?

In a related vein, our 1% property tax "caps" are a sham, as the writer of this blog pointed out long ago. We recently received notice that our house was assessed at $14,000 more than the prior year, based on absolutely nothing, but now they can take more money from us. I can't believe people are talking about taking away homestead credits.

We're looking at a jump in property taxes and utility rates already, and the utility company is begging for more. Here we sit, still on a septic system, because the date for the changeover to city sewer has been pushed back year after year - six years and counting past when we were told it would be done. I would hate to think that we might have to consider moving because we simply can't afford this house any more.

Jim F.

All good comments. Sometimes the city can spend millions at the drop of a hat on non-essential stuff and at other times (think more police) for essential stuff it is just soooooo hard. And, I guess bicycle paths are great if you aren't afraid to ride on them. And Leslie, my property taxes continue to rise as well at rate higher than inflation and market values. I ask very little from the city. Yet, my appeal of my property tax assessment has now dragged on for over 18 months. I recently sent a follow up letter to the Assessor's Office but have yet to get a response. I know this is a narrow issue of interest but it symbolizes how little this administration cares about its tax-paying powerless citizens.

Gene Poole

Leslie makes some good points. That which is unconstitutional is illegal & therefore not an obligation of the citizenry.

So called tax caps were designed as a sham; more of a kite flown on strings of assessment schemes & pretense of proponent drafted local control by referen-damnation.

Leslie B.

Jim, I believe some friends of mine in a similar situation didn't get the final results of their appeal (in their favor, I believe) for two years. How does one start the appeal process?

"a kite flown on strings of assessment schemes..." Not sure if that's a poem or a song. ;-)


All I can say is - AMEN ! Great post, Fred !


Yes, yes, the funds are dedicated to Corporate Welfare for the CIB. I have to wonder if The Star has a group of "Manchurian Candidates" on their staff that actually believe the rubbish they write.

The Republicrats will make sure as will their Partners at the Star and TV Stations that Corporate Welfare will not be mentioned as a drain on the tax base.

Hopefully some fire in belly Libertarian will light the match on these schemes in public in the next Mayoral Race. I would hate to see Ballard and the Crony-Capitalist Democratic Candidate get a free ride on this issue.

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