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April 27, 2014


Gary Welsh

The $200 million in subsidies have nothing to do with the heirs being able to continue owning the Pacers. The taxpayers are paying every dime that Herb had to pay to brother Mel's estate to purchase his 50 percent stake in the Pacers. That's what this has always been about. Call that succession planning for your heirs or what, but the loan Herb is talking about is the debt he's paying to Mel's ex-wife and children.

Jim F.

I guess my main takeaway is that Simon is either out of touch with the way the rest of us live or he is just very cagy or both.

Vox Populi

Re: Taxpayers off the hook, in today's paper we see the recommendations to increase taxes so the city can add more police. Again the only recommendations we see from the city is to raise taxes, fees and to remove the homestead tax credit.
I'm sure we will hear from the Mayor's office that raising taxes is our only choice but we all know that the monies from the last tax increase (a 65% increase in COIT) was not spent on public safety.

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