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April 18, 2014


Leslie B.

Not this Indianapolis resident. Sometimes I wish it was feasible for us to move to a place with a moderately sane municipal administration, but I guess the options to pick up and relocate at will are left to the high-rollers who simply *must* have their pro teams or they'll leave town.


..but those "high-rollers" are'nt likely to find "sane municipal administration". That's an oxymoron anymore.

If I knew where such sanity existed, I'd be moving there in a Manhattan minute. And I'm certainly no high-roller.

Gene Poole

So... there's talk of redeveloping the county jail site which will generate property taxes while lamenting the absence of same from the nearby fieldhouse?

Republican tax increases are killing the state's economy.

Vox Populi

Once again our illustrious newspaper has published a puff piece from Visit Indy as alleged news, see Sunday's Star front page, "Bigger Center Pays Off". The basic premise of the article is that the 900+ million dollars spent on Lucas and expanding the convention center is now paying dividends.

The article cites six conventions from 1998 through 2014 and the alleged economic impact of those conventions. What isn't stated is how the economic impact is calculated. Using their figures for convention days, the number of attendees and the economic impact I calculated (economic impact / days / attendees) to arrive at a guess as to how much each attendees is valued in dollars. For the National Baptist Convention (1998) that number is (5 days / 49,000,000 dollars / 40,000 attendees) = $245 dollars per attendee per day. Compare that number to the Performance Racing Industry's data (2 days / 45,000,000 dollars / 45,000 attendees) yields $500 dollars per attendee per day. There is a similar number of attendees (40,000 vs 45,000) but the Baptist Convention was here for five days versus only two days for the racing convention and the alleged economic impact are nearly identical (49,000,000 for Baptist versus 45,000,000 for racing).

Absent any detail as to how the economic impact is estimated the value of these figures is specious. Anyone can cite figures but that doesn't mean the numbers cited are valid. Along those line, the new number of jobs supported by tourism is now 74,000.

Gene Poole

Indiana's 5th District candidate for Congress, David Stockdale, explains that the Constitution is not a suggestion (as confused by those who vote with Boehner most of the time):


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