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March 09, 2014



dare I ask who you would have perform this truly objective study?

Fred McCarthy

sjudge - You, and the professionals you would pick.

Jiim Fuquay

The IBJ article is one of the best I have seen over the last year. It was based on sound analysis and detailed facts. I have already written to Ginny Cain, my council rep, asking her to further investigate the conditions allowing these corruptive practices. I want to puke when I see how these Republican officials constantly berate the federal government and then they and their favorite contractors suck up as many federal dollars as possible.

Gene Poole

Invariably & logically, conservative review of the national landscape will generate not so favorable comparisons with Indiana's substandard, Republican majority "results."

When the party that claims smaller government, actually grows it beyond Constitutional charter; that's failure, not success. Where is the "leadership," in this state, focused on limited or enumerated powers; vs expanded via contrivance?

The establishment's enthusiasm gap with its base is manufactured by neglect; fashion of shiny object "branding" over basic principle, the exact metrics of a problem which only genuine introspection & redemption can cure, unless that sorta thing is just not "in style."

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