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June 26, 2013



I didn't read the article for fear of throwing up. If by "half a billion dollars for roads and sidewalks" he is referring to the $425 million from the water company sale, that's ludicrous because (a) the real figuer is $262 million and (b) the sale was a tax increase in sheep's clothing.

Pamela Hickman CCC-At Large

You missed how to pay for them after a class is funded. The retiring population will be filled by the class that graduates (with not guarantee it will be enough). No new money needed except the cost of the class. That is what the money would pay for that was in the proposal. This was discussed at the last CCC meeting on June 10th 2013. Councillor Brown twice made this statement and the Republicans continued to be stuck and can not get past the concept of pushing desk jobs out to fill those voids. They will never come up with enough personnel to fill the retiring population.

Purple Rain

There was another 150 million or so derived from bonding against PILOT funds stolen from ratepayers of the sanitary sewer system also. That is where the 400 million plus figure comes from.

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