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March 23, 2013


Leslie Baker

What he said.

Gene Poole

However "intended" these practices are unfortunately corrupt.

Jiim Fuquay

Successful companies and organizations often have visions and master plans to guide their strategies and set their spending priorities. Governments can do this too to get communities and voters on board with plans and to match needs with affordability. Indianapolis has not such plan to my knowledge; city leaders and private sector influencers tend to act in their own self interests rather on the long term needs of the city. I hope you all read Matthew Tully's op/ed piece Sunday's Star on conflicts of interest in the legislature and the Star editorial on proposed legislation to change Indy city/county government structure. These examples make my point and most Hoosiers are asleep at the wheel (present company excluded).

Kay S. Desmond

Very good column! (THIS one, not the IBJ one.)

Gene Poole

Hyperscription (fast track railroad writing) has long been the common, insidious tactic of government at all levels, overwhelming (or excusing by plausible deniability) their deliberative responsibilities & the people's ability to comprehend their intentions or hold them accountable.

"Drinking from a fire hose" is an obnoxious, misleading political refrain. In reality, it's the people who are abused (forced to drink from the fire hose) by those who continue misrepresent them.

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