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March 21, 2013


Jim Fuquay

I think we need to keep in mind the overall context of who is lobbying who and for what purpose. The Tea Party reps in this case are outsiders now trying to influence local voters. Regardless of what Pence, Kenley, and others say, the voters should be able to make their positions known via a referendum. Isn't that what the Tea Party reps want--local control. Or, only when it service their purpose. The descriptor "tea party" will always be viewed as a prejurative term in my dictionary because I think they are extremists rather than conservatives as you suggest in your op/ed piece.

Vox Populi

There won't be anything fair about a local referendum. While Ms. Smith and others are lamenting the fact that some groups are in opposition to a referendum on mass transit neither she not anyone at the Star mentions the million dollar plus pr campaign to tout mass transportation. If a referendum for mass transit does pass we can expect more dollars spent to bolster that pr campaign. We can also expect a speciously worded referendum, think Wishard's referendum, that won't tell anything close to the truth.

Fred McCarthy

Jim - My sole "connection" with the tea party took place years ago when a gathering was held at Central Ave. and the canal to throw tea bags into the canal. I might add that one Greg Ballard made himself highly visible at that event. If being financed by others makes one an "outsider," what do you consider the use of a million tax dollars from Washington. I think what is wanted - and sorely needed - is "control" of expenditure of public money. This proposal will set up a body much like the CIB - all appointive - with no responsibility toward the taxpayer. Decades of history in this city have not given us a favorable precedent upon which to rest our hopes. I'm sorry you prefer "pejorative" labels rather than discussion of the issues.

Louis Mahern

I would imagine the wording will be something to the effect "Would you rather have a really whiz bang transportation system that could conceivably include a maglev bullet train at the cost of less than one Starbucks a week or would you prefer to remain mired in the slough of a 20th Century bus system ridden only by the poor and the smelly?"

Gene Poole

Look for an imbalanced, Hallmark worded referendum; with ongoing exposure for the state & taxpayers considering SEC threshold disclosure issues related to wording / drafting. Think real estate closings, lender disclosures, securities disclosures, etc...


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