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March 03, 2013


Leslie Baker

If I were still young and professional, I'd be voting with my feet!!

Jim Fuquay

Opinions and good public policy are abstractions at best absent a factual basis. Poor old Indiana citizens (some do vote) are not paying attention and/or do not demand facts, such as the ones you note are needed in your editorial. The problem with no critical thinking on the part of the public is not just limited to assessing mass transit alternatives and costs--it encompasses tax cuts vs tax increases, overall health of Hoosiers, gun control, civil unions, other transportation priorities, a women' rights to choose, the cost of coal gasification plants, etc. I watch as Hoosiers continue to let our Governor and legislatures focus on "kooky" issues. I suggest you read the Star's Sundary editorial by Tim Swarens and the op/ed piece by Matthew Tully to begin to understand why the state of Indiana lacks vision on important issues. I personnally support mass transit but I think the alternatives, costs, and intangible benefits need to be enumerated more clearly. Absent a good mass transportation system, Indianapolis and its surrounding counties will be 2nd class when compared to other cities of similar size.

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