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February 03, 2013


Leslie Baker

Again, I say, "amen!"

Jiim Fuquay

The psyche of our city leaders reminds me of the psyche of the leaders of China and other cities that have hosted the olympics. They want to make everything that will be visible to visitors appear shiny and new and are willing to spend many taxpayer dollars to create this image while ignoring the basic needs of many of the citizens. I'm still waiting on a methodologically sound study that supports the assumption that the city will benefit long term from hosting a major sporting event, such as the superbowl.

Leslie Baker

Good analogy with China, Jim. Make sure all those homeless people are hidden away, and whatever you do, don't make the Georgia Street mistake of giving them a place to congregate.

Mark Small.

Excellent points. We could have used the money for schools (not more administrators but books and teachers and computers), police (of whom we need more but maybe not as many if we'd spent more on education), mass transit (instead of a pretty pathetic bus system that is an embarrassment for a "major city"), and better streets. We even could have paid for upkeep on our parks. The only one of the four palaces you mention that was plausible as more than a basketball arena was MSA. The acoustics might have been bad, but they were adequate, and it hosted a lot more events than basketball and concerts. And the other thing Indy needed to promote was downtown housing. Finally that's happening, but w/TIFs, who knows who is footing the bill? (silly question. Answer: us, of course.)


I wonder if the Authors of these Articles are told to write "Fluff and Puff" Articles concerning all the so called benefits of Super Bowl Legacy, or do they do this on their own as this is the expected "Party Line" The Star wants sold to its readers???

Bottom line: Public Parks, and Public Transportation have been and will be on a starvation diet, but Stadiums for Mega-Billionaires receive Lobster and finest cut of Steak, cooked by an "Iron Chef."

This is a Hollywood Set, false fronts, etc. Neighbor Hoods decline for several reasons one is the lack of decent jobs to pay for the up keep of the homes, and the lack of disposable income to spend in the neighbor hood.

Do any of these projects actually generate any sustaining living wage jobs????

Gene Poole

Umpire, vs. empire building vampires.

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