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February 26, 2013


Leslie Baker

Without having Smith's column in front of me to check, I thought the "we need to protect the voters from themselves" was her take on someone else's attitude. I may be wrong. My jaw did hit the floor, however, at the comment about sniffing out bad business deals. Does she have any idea what's been going on in this city for the last several years/decades? Has she had a bad cold ever since she started working at the paper and can't "sniff" these things out herself? Perhaps I should send her a link to your blog and ask her to start reading at the beginning.

Gene Poole

Writing or speaking about business with credibility, requires familiarity.

Jim Fuquay

Folks, Ms Smith does not sit in the legislature or on the city/county council so let's not go overboard berating her. Give some style points for raising the level of conversation. The goofballs that are trying to do our thinking for us sit in the state legislature.

Fred McCarthy

The "goofballs" - politicians - are already in the bag. Smith's job is to hammer the public over and over with the idea that central Indiana will revert back to cornfields and pig pens if we don't satisfy "young professionals." The attitude seems to be typified in a current TV commercial for a car rental company where a smarmy voice-over assures an arrogant, egotistical jerk he deserves special treatment because he's a "business pro." Some more of the "me first" generation?

Purple rain

When they say this is what the 20-something wants - they leave out the word "selfishly" - as their wants are always about what makes them happy (despite protests to the contrary) and is not about what is best for the general populace.

pistolet hukowy

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