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February 10, 2013


Mark Small.

"They" have been consistent on the mass transit "plan." As to the "plan," it is light on specifics, but big on dreams. If I sound repetitive, I apologize. However, I am in favor of improvements to Indy's transit system, ranked something like 146th in the country. Investment in buses would be a good idea. I loved my commute on the train (not the "L")in Chicago. Those tracks, however, had been build decades before. The people who "plan" such things at present would take a project like construction of light rail, line up their buddies, and ignore massive cost overruns. If we were to have responsible leaders, maybe we could build such a project. Otherwise, this endeavor seems one in which a giant piece of candy will be extended to the insiders---a piece of candy for which the taxpayers will pay. Light rail? Potentially good, perhaps inevitably necessary. With these people in charge? They are like a college freshman with a credit card.


I have traveled in some major cities of the world with rail, and subways, such as London, Paris, D.C. and Chicago. All these cities have several rail lines but just as important a bus system to and from the rail stations for further distribution.

Light rail IMHO would be a huge waste of money.

Surely, some one in the Transportation Industry could give us a very good estimate of what it would cost to add say 50 or 100 busses to the Public Transportation system, with better service and increased routes.

We may not need to add all big busses either. A downsize bus may work just fine for off hours or routes less traveled.

My concern is as others have expressed also that we will end up with Big Pork Barrel Project that the insiders will feed off. The system will end up not being improved.

Leslie Baker

"College freshmen with a credit card" - ha! You're all correct, but when will anyone *listen*? I can't help but wonder whose pockets are being lined in these back-room deals.

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