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January 31, 2013


Leslie Baker

All in favor of this rail system should be required to watch three movies in succession: Strangers on a Train, The Lady Vanishes, and Murder on the Orient Express. Could we hope that those would give them any pause? ;-)

Jiim Fuquay

I am not sure that the suggested movies have any relevanct to the transit issue but they might be entertainin.

I think this editorial is somewhat narrow in its focus. With the continued growth in single vehicle/single passenger commuting something needs to be done--highways cost money to maintain notwithstanding the additional demands for oil and related pollution that will occur. Analysts need only to look at other US cities as well as overseas cities (Paris, London, Tokoyo, etc) to see the longer term value of mass transit both in terms of cost and maintaining a vibrant city. Younger and more environmentally conscious professionals that want to have a vibrant downtown will see the value in a good mass transit system. Let's move forward incrementally rather than stay in the dark ages. Perhaps, the trains can show the movies suggested on large screens.

Jiim Fuquay

Sorry about my typos in the earlier comments. I could not see very well in the dim light and with my trifocals. :)

Fred McCarthy

Jim - The post is narrow only if you refuse to look at the city's history. There is no reason to believe that the city's leadership - political or business - really has the well being of the city at heart. Witness the current debacle where the Council is voting to increase taxes "for public safety" when the bulk of the money, after the first year, will go to the CIB. (For a soccer stadium?) Would people really interested in promoting mass transit be building parking garages with tax dollars and giving them to developers? When you can guarantee that intra city bus availability (IndyGo) will actually have any priority, the program may be worth considering. But only then. They talk about 12 stops for their rail line. You can bet that the real estate where those stops are located will be owned by insiders close to City Hall. More than likely that they'll be developers with a handout of TIF money to help them along the way.

Leslie Baker

Jim - in all three movies, a person or persons dies on a train. Simply an attempt at light-heartedness, given the fact that it gets rather discouraging when the decision-makers keep sucking up tax money over and over again without being able to show much for it.

Mark Small.

I have written before on this topic, but this is w/a slightly new perspective, thanks to the blog. If sidings were built into the track, there could be two-way service. However, the graft that has entered the activities of Indianapolis politics causes me to question the prudence of mass transit (beyond improvement of the bus system). Pals of those in power will dip their beaks. A soccer stadium will be built. Services will be cut. Incumbent Mayor Vaughn will leave office when voters turn out the figurehead in that office. But who will replace him? If it's "more of the same"---regardless of the party---the same contractors, etc., will be there to rake (or change the second consonant) the City. Mass transit is a good idea. TIFs? Never. California started them and now has outlawed them TIFs played a big part in screwing Chicago's finances into the ground.


A kid comes to his parents and says "I think I might like to start dating." His parents respond, "No, you can't marry that filthy slut."

Fred McCarthy

Might be only slightly overdone advice if the "kid" is old enough to have exhibited a years-long tendency to prefer the company of "sluts." No problem with this "parent" if the "dating" produces serious attention to IndyGo, minus TIF expansions, etc..


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