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January 25, 2013


Leslie Baker

I thought the NFL did already take a large share from the Super Bowl held here.

Jiim Fuquay

Your column made me smile. Now, I'm looking forward to seeing a column on the Senate bill that will give the Mayor much more discretion on this budget and eliminate at-large council seats. I suggest the jugheads in the legislature be wary of what they do. The tables can turn quickly.

Mark Small.

1)Please do not consider this point an insult, but I must correct you on one matter. The NFL owners consist more of billionaires these days, not mere millionaires. Our tax dollars (in part) have elevated them to such rare heights.
2) Your use of H B probably is fair usage, as you are covering a news item. If the NFL bullies sue you, over what you have written in this column,don't worry about a legal fund. I have defended against trademark claims by them before. I would do so pro bono, as to the usage in this column.

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