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January 20, 2013


Leslie Baker

Broad Ripple?? What would they do, tear out the public park? That has to be one of the most crowded areas in town, complete with poor parking and narrow streets, not that parking downtown is a picnic.

If they're going to ramrod this through, as they always do, maybe it *would* be nice for some place besides downtown to get a few jobs out of it; I just don't know where they'd put it, on or off of Broad Ripple Avenue.


Ahh lets see we have the Hype in the Newspapers and although I have not seen it on TV we will see it there too.

Now we need a "Study" by a Think Tank" or some pay to say author. The Study Report will conclude a $20M or you pick a number will be added to the economy. This number will be a "fact" like gravity or an Einstein Formula. It will not be challenged by the pressitutes of our local media.

Press Release Journalism will guarantee that the $20M number is endlessly repeated. Both Political Parties will engage in the usual "Love Fest" to approve another Crony-Capitalism Scheme. How could we pass up such an opportunity to be World Class like Paris or Berlin, they will ask??

Did I miss anything.

Vox Populi

Louis you did miss something, the thousands of new jobs that will be created because of this new venture. I believe the current number of fictitious jobs is now 70,000.

World Class city is this town really means bend over.

Leslie Baker

Would those be "shovel-ready" jobs? If so, we know who will be shoveling what...again.

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