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December 06, 2012


Jiim Fuquay

This essay raises a lot of good questions. As a proponent of light rail service for key transportation routes for the entire city I am hoping the planners have their act together. We need to be informed citizens about the details, costs, and rational for any planned transit system. I plan to do some investigating on my own after reading this essay. Keep shining a light on this and related issues. Your efforts are appreciated.

Gene Poole

Subsidy = crass transit

Louis C.

Light Rail in Indy is a waste of money. My journeys have taken me to cities such as London, Paris, Chicago and DC all have great rail systems. They do have one piece Indy lacks now a bus system that connects with the Rail System. It makes no sense to have a Rail System that dumps you off and then you have no or a poor bus system to move you further,

We have a terrible Public Transportation System here. There should be a complete look at Public Transportation in Indy. Yes, it would cost more money.

However, I have lived in Indy long enough that I have lost count of the number of times 465, 70 on the East side and the area around Castleton have been re-constructed. Then we have the ongoing and never ending road project on West 465. Public Transportation by comparison has been starved.

Gene Poole

Ever wonder if there's "real money" exchanged between cronies in those perpetual public projects?

Jim Fuquay

This is in response to Louis C. reply. I think Louis makes a great point about the crappy bus system we have in Indy. I too have been to many US cities with great public transportation systems--Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, DC. These cities have "integrated" systems in that the light rail ties into other modes of transportation. That is why Indy/Marian and the surrounding counties need a well-thought out and more comprehensive plan rather than a half-assed one that simply involves on linear route from downtown to the NE. Such a line might be good place to start but the rest of the system would have to fall into place within a reasonable amount of time. The voters need a complete picture before they will be willing to commit the dollars needed.

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