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November 18, 2012


Leslie Baker

Simply incredible. Adult soccer does not have nearly the following that it does in Europe; how does he expect to fill the seats? Will they be renting it out for big bucks to the middle and high school teams? Surely even the most ardent Pacers and Colts fans can only spend so much money on increasingly pricier tickets to sporting events. Then again, those are exactly the people to whom this city "leadership" caters: the people with money.

If the city "must" take on additional private agencies of entertainment to subsidize with tax dollars (an idea of which I am not in favor at all), I believe that the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is next in line.

Pull up Banner Stand

I don't think so. Just like marketing, it is somewhat a cycle, a never-ending one at that. You start one, you go through all the processes and then when you finish you start all over again. You just keep going at it.

Jim Fuquay

I hope someone in the mayor's office identifies some basic criteria that must be met for this proposal to be taken seriously. For example, how big does a metropolitan area have to be to provide support for a MLS team? How many fans would have to attend a game at Lucas Oil Stadium and how many advertisers are needed to break even on costs? I love soccer but would rather see more public support go to college teams and more tax dollars go to the ISO. Why not test the market first by bringing so MSL teams for a demo game, fund raiser, or some event that might show the level of support for professional soccer. One final comment--lets keep public money out of this and rely on the "private sector" to make this happen.

Purple Rain

There will never be an end to taxpayer funded Ponzi schemes until the taxpayers revolt.

There will never be an end to stealing if no one ever goes to jail (and Plowman doesn't count).

Blog LoveStrikesAgain

Is the theme connected with your professional field or perhaps is it more about your leisure and free time?

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