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November 07, 2012


Leslie Baker


Vox Populi

No one in the media in this town wants to publish those kinds of facts, can't upset the apple cart and lose our free suite tickets...

Gary Welsh

The Colts didn't really put anything into the stadium. A fiction was created that the CIB opted to terminate the Colts' long-term lease on the RCA Dome prior to the end of its term, which required the terminating party to pay a termination fee. Irsay was extremely generous and said that he would contribute the $50 million termination fee he was to be paid towards the construction of the new stadium. Never mind that he was the one who told city officials they would either have to build a new stadium for his team or he would move it elsewhere.

Jim Fuquay

Nice editorial. I loved the tongue in cheek touch. Too bad that you are probably beating a dead horse. Too many Indianapolis taxpayers and voters are what is nicely referred to by the media as "low information" voters. Until they awake from their deep sleep caused by the fragrant bullshit fed to them by city leaders not much will change. And, as long as our legislators and public officials continue to get free tickets, the fragrant bullshit will continue to be heaped upon us all.

Louis C.

I can recall when there was a Public Meeting for Building a New Stadium in place of Market Square at the City-County Building. The first group of speakers during the Public Comment raved about all the benefits a new stadium would bring to down town, and how we should be so "thankful" for the Pacers.

I spoke out at the end with others who opposed this Corporate Welfare Scheme. I knew in my heart the decision had already been made to build the stadium. The only question was how to finance it, not if it was wrong to build a new stadium with Tax dollars.

I can not a recall a single member of the Council who spoke out against this Scheme as being bad Public Policy.

Hudnut, Goldsmith, Peterson and Ballard have been united in this notion that whatever the CIB requires they should receive.

Fred McCarthy

My memory of the deal - very possibly faulty at this time - was that the Colts were given public credit for a $100 million contribution when it was actually only $50 million because of the contract termination deal. Either way, it was a very good sample of the "negotiation" skills of the city.

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