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November 25, 2012


Leslie Baker

I'm mildly disappointed. I thought you were actually going to use bad language. Or you could go the less-offensive-but-more-colorful route by quoting from the movie The Princess Bride, and call them "warthog-faced buffoons." I think that might be more effective when dealing with someone in person, however.

I truly don't understand how the people who make these decisions can perpetrate one travesty after another while the local media sit idly by. Maybe they're too busy doing their usual rah-rah stuff for the Pacers and Colts. It's more important in this city to root for (or feign rooting for) the home team than to look at it/them with a critical eye.

Mike Kole

Unfortunately, I think the key to understanding local media in one-paper & limited newsroom towns is that the media is afraid of losing access to officials. In a two-paper town, they will risk losing access to the mayor or the council president to break a big story. Now the big story only comes out when it's ripping through the crumbling dam. In the meantime, they play it safe and beat the drum for mass transit.

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