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June 15, 2010


Vox Populi

What else should we expect from the CIB? Even a cursory review of the Pacer's or Colt's agreements reveal contracts that are conspicuously in favor of the owners; the Pacers get all of the revenues from Conseco regardless of the events and the Colts get all game day revenue plus 40-50% of non football event revenue; parking, signage, suites etc.

There are zero economic studies that show pro sports teams have a positive impact on their communities in fact the opposite is true, pro sports teams and their facilities drain needed dollars from their communities.

What do the taxpayers get from these deals; simply put very little. We get to say team (fill in the blanks) is an Indianapolis team, we get to buy their hats and t-shirts and bumper stickers and maybe tout our team is better than year team with our pals. All for a few billion dollars of anybody's money except the owners.

If the CIB acquiesces to the latest demands add another 150-180 million to that several billion dollar price tag.

Dollars to donuts the Pacers will get the maintenance paid for by the CIB. After all when was the last time the CIB stood it's ground and said no to the owners? Frankly, I can't remember any single occurrence when the CIB represented the taxpayers instead of the owners.


Yeah, what about US? The BILLPAYERS! Thanks to your blog, Advance Indiana, and Ogden on Politics, this nasty deal might not ever see the light of day.

Keep truckin' Fred!

P.S. Professional sports is for sheeple!


I don't think I've been around long enough to understand how these municipal corporations basically became separate entities that are still supported by tax dollars, but they need to be reigned in. There's nothing wrong with having these services. Some of the municpal corporations, such as the library and IndyGo, are fairly responsible with their money. But we need to get them directly responsible to the taxpayer. We need representatives for us. At this point, we just have councilors and mayors being represented, rather than us.


ISTUD, it's funny a funny math language that only the elites know.

John Howard

First they try to convince everyone that they have no intrinsic personal value or character.

Then they try to convince everyone that the only way they can achieve personal value or character is to have a pro sports team in town.

After that, it gets REALLY insane. They tell the least wealthy they have to give their hard earned pay to the very wealthy so they can become more wealthy.

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