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January 29, 2009


Vox Populi

According to U.S. News and World Reports Indianapolis is ranked 5 on the list of cities most taxed. Having said that my gut tells me that the first solution from our electorate to fix the CIB mess will be cry for more taxes. Never mind that the country is in a recession, never mind that companies are laying off more workers every day and never mind that real disposable is shrinking every year. We got to keep our millionaire / billionaire owners happy.

Leslie Baker

How many people actually saw this article, considering the newspaper didn't get delivered to many places that day, and they didn't care? (I know; I contacted them.) Maybe they timed that news for the "snow day" so that as few people as possible would see it.

John Howard

Di you notice the article today in the IndyStar about Pacer's player Tinsley, who was such a badboy that they benched him permananently?

Did you see the part about a 14.7M figure for what's left to pay him on his contract?

Do you suppose there's a connection between THAT and the $15M 'shortfall' previously reported?

Do you wonder, as do I, what's actually driving the 'renegotiate' idea?

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