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April 24, 2008



I have been asking question about this for sometime now. It seems that no in office has an anwser. Also, I wish I could have a contract with the city such as the Colts and Irsay have gotten.



Hoosiers For Fair Taxation thanks you for this recommendation to our mayor. We need to circulate this information to everyone we know and make sure they circulate via their email lists and so on. We need to drive this message to move from the blogs and into mainstream media.

Bart Lies

There's been so much arguing back and forth over the debt on the Dome 9and MSA too).

The only thing the movers-and-shakers (shakers-down of the taxpayer) ever disclose is unsubstantiated promises that 'it's a good thing for the city.'

There really NEEDS to be verifiable balance sheets produced for these projects, and traceability from start to finish so that the shuffling of money and debt can be followed. It truly is a shell game of mega proportions. Not surprising we never find the pea, only an empty shell.

For the Ballard administration to start off with a stake in the ground, that we all can reference going forward, would be a very good thing.

Vox Populi

Considering the Star editorial about advertising dollars for the new stadium not being disclosed we now have the CIB and the Irsays stonewalling the taxpayers. It is long past time for complete disclosure of the doings of the CIB. Try to find any statement regarding CIB loans, total debt or even something as basic as when those monies are to be paid off and that information just isn't available. We need to know the total dollars owed and if anticipated revenue is sufficient to cover those debts and the CIB needs to be forthcoming in all of it's proceddings.


Mayor Ballard promised us transparency and he has great opportunity at this time to step up and deliver it to us.

Our people and our city cannot thrive when our wealth is siphoned away into the coffers of the so-called elite.

Leon Dixon

It is well known that a series of rigorous audits performed by impartial skeptics at regular intervals lead to lawful expenditures only. The lack of same leads, generally, to embezzlement of public funds.

Leon Dixon

On the other hand, why pay off any obligations when the stated policy (or actual, at any rate) is to inflate the money supply and tolerate 3% inflation per year compounded? This logic would seem to apply to the Toll Road as well as to Market Square Area. We borrowed $86 mil of real money and when and if we ever pay off it will be in $86 mil of very much depreciated dollars.

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