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March 20, 2008


What I can't figure out is how people can be so happy with money being "given" them by a property tax cut, only to have it taken away with a sales tax increase. That's not even sleight of hand.


I just discovered that Noblesville resident Ken Geesaman is running against Luke Kenley in the May primary. Ken is a Reagan Republican, small government, lower taxes and no compromises with the big spenders. It's time to give them a message !

Chicken Little

Fred, if I were you, I'd get the heck out of Indiana as soon as possible. The state's crumbling, we're captive to the rich and powerful, everybody's reaching into your wallet.
The sky is a fallin'!
Run, run for your lives!

Fred McCarthy

As usual, Chicken Little makes really cogent, substantive comments about the serious issues involved. We wonder when he is going to identify himself and his direct beneficial connections with the "billion buck boondoggle" with which he is so enamored.


Daniels saying that HB 1001 is a panacea, is sort of like saying that the way to heal a deep laceration, is to have a rabid dog lick it.

Chicken Little

And Chicken Little wonders if you've ever had a positive thing to say (or write) about this city in your life.
Chicken Little also wonders if you ever considered running for political office, so you could work toward solutions for all the problems you perceive. Or are you just an armchair quarterback, criticizing every play after it's run.
Anyway, have a great day!!!


Well said! Thanks.

Bart Lies

I imagine Chicken Little would respond to being run over by a large truck with something like, 'It's no big deal, the crushed bones will heal in a year or two and after that I'll only have a moderate limp. And I'm sure to eventually get accustomed to the scar tissue.'

Chicken Little

How nice for Bart Lies to emerge from his sewer of bitterness and weigh in.
Your example is an exaggeration (for which you are well known) but, first and foremost in your being-hit-by-a-truck scenario ... I would be happy to be alive.

Fred McCarthy

Chicken Little, I've always had good things to say about our city. I'm not the one with the "world class" inferiority complex who thinks the city is a complete zero if we don't submit to blackmail by professional sports. And, by the way, thanks for another very meaningful contribution.

Chicken Little

Go look at your archives, Fred. Nothing but negative, negative, negative.
And I'm happy to contribute ... you should be delighted since so few visit your blog. Just trying to drive up your traffic.
Have a nice weekend.

Ken Morgan

April fools! Great essay. Would you allow me to use it as a guest editorial on my own blog?


Fred McCarthy

Well, Chicken, I'll try once more. Apparently I owe you an apology for assuming you would be able to distinguish between my admittedly very negative attitude about the political and business "leadership" of the city as opposed to my feelings about the city itself. We have a fine city which would be a great city if public fiscal policy would direct public expenditures toward the good of all citizens instead of the ones who wear cleats or sneakers to work. Thanks for your efforts to improve my readership but I'll settle for those who understand what I'm writing.
The end.

Vox Populi

It is more than a bit unusual that a government entity, albeit a very secretive entity, the CIB can so conveniently forget the laws governing disposal of property bought by taxpayers and maintained by taxpayers. Are they simply oblivious to the issue or just plain arrogant?

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