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November 27, 2007


Leslie Baker

I was going to say what a wise woman once told me: "ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies," but that applies only to your last sentence. ;-)

The wise woman obviously didn't foresee this kind of political hocus-pocus permeating the local government when she made her (mostly?) facetious comment in times past.

Bart Lies

I'm bothered (a lot) by the fact this money comes out of the 'contingency fund' which is supposed to cover emergencies and unforseen problems. TVs are neither.

What we have here is just another hidden cost reaching the light of day. It's 10 million they shaved off the initial 'bill of goods' instead of being honest with the taxpayers.


The State has made many public complaints about the cost of keeping the bean company in place after a tidal wave of voter sentiment demanded the company stay.

Memory, with the help of trusty google, reminds me that the overrun for these TV's is more than the State paid the Hurst's for the land they did take from them. The total spent also appears to be more than 3 times what the State offered to buy the entire property.

Those must be some nice TV's.


The answer is your question is no.

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